Search Engine Optimization.

We are a search engine optimization SEO consultancy. We focus on improving your website rankings in Google with the objective to generate more visitors and ultimately, more business enquiries. As Search Engine Optimization - SEO consultants, it is our responsibility to optimize, monitor and improve our clients’ sites so that the number of visitors grow, their key phrases improve month by month in Google Rankings and business enquiries increase.

Google website Ranking.

If you want to try us out, then Google “web design in Kenya” you should see us on the first page out of 127 Million results. Our Search Engine Optimization - SEO services don’t just focus on ranking for any keyword. Our team will review all your data to ensure that you rank for the search terms that potential customers are looking for and are going to help your business to grow. Each month we run a full SEO audit, looking for broken links, missing tags, number of backlinks, etc. A full suite of 50 tests against Google’s latest search engine optimisation SEO standards then we look to fix any issues before looking at improving rankings. Contact us to discuss what search engine optimisation SEO services we can bring to your project.

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